Trooping the colour

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About Trooping the colour

Dogs and other animals have always been around in my family. So it was quite clear that some kind of creature great and small would accompany me through my personal life. As I was born and raised in England my love had to be a true English breed. What better one could it be than the miniature bull terrier - truely great and small - multum in parvo! In 1992 a solid brindle bitch called Lilli caught my eye. And that is how it all started!

At that time not really wanting to get involveld with showing or breeding, I was happy that Lilli turned out to be a fine compagnion dog and one of the best behaved mutts at dog school. Encouragement from Biggi (in my opinion one of the best dog school teachers, thanx hun), breeders and DCBT e.V. - German Club for Bull Terrier club members I eventually did start showing Lilli at national shows. And my o my, did we all have a good laugh here and there - I again had a lot to learn - back to school ;)

Soon after I was bitten by the show & breeding bug. There then came the time to look for an adequate kennel name. Maybe the name of my birth house? - Beranton. Or one of my favourite childhood games? - Tiddlywinks. No, neither! I was over the moon when the FCI Federation Cynologique Internationale (World Canine Organisation) registered the affix "Trooping the colour" to my name.   

Being a person always wanting to learn more, asking lots questions, sticking my nose in many, some say too many books and certainly stessing the nerves of my poor vets, it was inevitable to get involved in club matters. So back to school again and since 1999 I am a certified breeder warden and part of the health office of the DCBT e.V. 

As time has passed in my kennel I 'have' learnt a lot, been through ups and downs, faced joy and heart breaks. Never to loose courage and to never stop learning is my credo. And today 2015 I can proudly look back at some very successful show champion dogs, fantastic brood bitches and lovely pets I have bred and owned. Just to name a few which can be found in many pedigrees are Champion Candle in the Wind Ttc, Andra Ttc, Niece and Champion Eugenié Victoria Ttc. One of my "greatest" was the late Multi- & International Champion dog Winston du Ticoquin. Imported from the Netherlands in 1995, homed in my kennel till 1999 Winston did me so proud with many titles such as Club Winner three consecutive years, Brabo Winner, Interra Winner, Intro Winner and many many times placed BOB (Best of Breed).

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In the last years my Multi- & International Champion bitch Elizabeth I Ttc broke records in my kennel with 34 national Championship awards, 17 international Championship award, 16 times BOB and even twice Best In Show! She loved to show her socks off - a real show girl! She won the Champion title in Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. I am most proud of her winning the title "Championnat de France" in Paris 2010, qualified and participating the FCI World Champion of Champions Show in Brussels 2011 and gob smacked when she came second at the world biggest dog show Crufts in Birmingham 2012. Elizabeth took time out in the maternity room in 2013 and 2015. She then retired from motherhood and returned to the ring as a veteran. 2016 started off great for her winning third place in Veteran Class at the Crufts. This was topped at the Ambiorix Trophy in Belgium where she won Best Veteran in Show! Was this too good to be true?! Sadly on the 11th November 2016 we had to say goodbye to Elizabeth. This was a terrible shock and a great loss for the kennel. I hope her legacy lives on in her kids. 

Elizabeth's 2013 born kids Fair n' Square Ttc aka Cariño and his liter sister Forever n' a Day Ttc aka Riedchen are my current show team. Both are well on the way to follow their mothers footsteps. Cariño won the Junior Belgium Champion title, went countless times Best of Breed, many day titles and got placed in Group 3. 2015 he became Champion in Belgium and the Netherlands. And in 2016 International Champion. His sister is doing us just as proud. 2016 she became Dutch, Belgian and International Champion too. All in loving memory of Elizabeth. 

Regards, Sandra

Once a miniature bull terrier - always a miniature bull terrier! 

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